NexusPharma is dedicated to the discovery of novel therapeutics by creating and testing patient derived cancer xenograft models

Genesis Drug Discovery & Development Expands Preclinical Contract Research Portfolio by Acquiring NexusPharma.



Our research ranges from developing patient derived xenograft models and associated primary cell lines that can be used for testing approved and investigational drug candidates.

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In close collaboration with Fox Chase Cancer Center we offer to our clients a broad range of extensively characterized patient derived xenograft (PDX) models in over 15 cancer indications.

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We offer our first rate research services to universities, biotechnology and pharma companies. Our xeno and co-clinical trials increase the value of your new therapies.

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Vladimir Khazak

CSO, chief scientific officer

Dr. Khazak is an experienced biologist with more than 15 years of working in multiple biopharmaceutical companies. He is co-founder and CSO of NexusPharma, heading biology research and development.

Igor Astsaturov

FCCC, Philadelphia

Dr Astsaturov is a MD, PhD scientific advisory board member of NexusPharma and a physician at FCCC. His clinical expertise is in gastrointestinal cancers including pancreatic, colorectal, and liver cancer.

Erica Golemis

FCCC, Philadelphia

Dr. Erica Golemis is a scientific advisory board member of NexusPharma. Erica is Deputy Chief Scientific Officer planning the future of cancer research at Fox Chase Cancer Center.



NexusPharma is dedicated to the discovery of novel anti-cancer treatments. Novel drug candidates are tested in patient derived xenograft tumor models or patient derived tumor cell lines that are derived from such PDX models – we are creating these models to reflect human disease in the most predictable ways. Please ask us if we could help you in your dicsovery projects with these technologies – creating drug candidates wit a higher chance of success in clinical trials!

Applying its technologies discovered and developed at Fox Chase Cancer Center, NexusPharma is using PDX models to validate a broad range of biological targets. As a co-founder of NexusPharma, Fox Chase Cancer Center supports the development of a physiological, cost-effective platform for pre-clinical compound assessment along with other research activities at NexusPharma to enhance the predictive value of its models for clinical outcomes.

Disease models

Disease models

More predictive disease models



Support by renowed oncologists

Business approach

Business approach

Agile, responsive business approach, fast and effective


Fox Chase Cancer Center
NexusPharma has entered into general agreements and has licensed intellectual property from Fox Chase is providing the basis for its patient derived tumor xenograft biology – enabling the discovery and development of novel therapies. In addition, the company has entered into a collaborative research agreement with Fox Chase enabling access to its renowned scientific expertise and first-rate research facilities.

Other Collaborations

The Company is supported by a highly regarded international network of scientific collaborators, development experts, and other expert advisors, enabling a “virtual” development framework with:

  • Specific biological expertise at universities and institutions such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Pennsylvania, as well as the University of Munich, Germany

  • Collaborations on animal models and further drug development through the National Cancer Institute

  • Animal pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, and custom medicinal chemistry, through contract research organizations (CROs)


August 5, 2020: Genesis Biotechnology Group acquires Comparative Biosciences, Inc. (CBI) to add GLP Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology to its portfolio of Preclinical Services

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