Cell Assay Systems

An outstanding network of leading biological know-how in mammalian and yeast biology has been put in place. This expertise ranges from a platform of in vitro and in vivo protein-protein interaction screening technologies to the use of high content, information rich, cell-based assays and gene-reporter cell lines.

These assays form the basis of NexusPharma�s chemical genomics approach, and provide the read-outs for a wide range of signaling pathways of physiologically relevant protein interactions. Further, NexusPharma is using yeast two-hybrid, mass spectrometry, protein NMR and protein X-ray technologies to validate the binding of small molecule protein interaction inhibitors.
Bioinformatics tools are being developed to assess whether the drug has effectively modified the activity of the oncoprotein and whether the drug has separately affected off-target signaling pathways. A model of the signaling network in the cell of interest is created and probed to ascertain whether the transcriptional responses seen indicate that the pathway activity has changed.
NexusPharma integrates the design and application of chemo- and bio-informatics algorithms with its cell based assay systems, resulting in a multi-disciplinary approach characterized by state-of-the-art medicinal chemistry, innovative biology and development. This process provides the basis for the Company�s value proposition � the creation of novel small molecule compounds that will become the drugs of the future, improving the quality of human life.

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