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Patient derived tumor models (PDX)

Standard Operating Procedure for Viable Tumor Tissue Acquisition

In collaboration with Fox Chase Cancer Center we have initiated a program focused on development of PDX models in various cancer indications. These indications include pancreatic, renal, esophageal, rectal, breast and lung carcinomas. For all our established models patient information including stage/grade, age, gender, race and growth curves are available. For most of these tumor models we also have information on adjuvant and neo-adjuvant treatments and patients responses. All initial specimen in our model collection have been developed from patients with Caucasian ethnicity.

Some models have accompanied cGH data, oncogene panel sequences and microarray analysis of gene expression as well as some limited information on xeno-trials in mice. We will be more than happy to discuss a possibility to share with you our models on non-exclusive basis. In addition, since we have a broad IRB protocol with Fox Chase Cancer Center, that allow us to implant any type of tumors we would be happy to offer you to implant models that are of particular interest for you. Fox Chase Cancer Center is one of the largest and oldest oncological institutions in US and it provides care for all type of oncological patients except pediatric cancers and brain cancers



Please ask us for a list of our growing number of available PDX models. A database of PDX models together with our European partner EPO is available at: PDX tumor model database login. We are dedicated to evaluate your anti-cancer drugs in predictive studies, enabling clinical development candidate selection, IND, IMPD related studies or co-clinical studies!